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We are the Trashers, a Dutch Car Club. We build, modify, kustomize and drive all kinds of old vintage US cars. So what's the deal ? Well...since the 1920's speed addicts try to push their vehicles to the limits on salt flats and dry lake beds like El Mirage and Bonneville, USA. And that's exactly where we want to go too!
But...instead of using a high-dollar, computer-controlled car we like to break a land speed record like they did in the fifties, using a vintage flathead engine for power and the best possible body to put this in; an all aluminum fighter airplane droptank... Yes you heard it right ! We're planning to go to the salt lakes with our bellytank racer!!!
And that's where you as a reader come in. We sure could do with some funds!
So, if you like speed, vintage cars and share the same enthousiasm in breaking a speed record as we do...
Join in and make a donation to our bank number on the right. Or buy yourself a "Trash-Can" t-shirt or some cool stickers. We'll keep you informed about the progress of 'your' project!
Thanks for making our dream come true!!
Trashers Car Club

Friday, December 18, 2009

Trash-Can project in Motorized! Magazine

The latest publication of Motorized Magazine, number 2, features the first of probably a series of articles about our Trash-Can bellytank project.
MOTORIZED! is all about hotrods, customs, choppers, bobbers and hot aircooled VW's and the lifestyle surrounding all of this, with minimal words and as much fuel injected eyecandy for the greased up mind as possible.

ElCheapo, Motorized's founder, editor, photographer and overall chief executive officer, visited the workshop a couple of months ago and brought along his camera to shoot the pictures found in the current issue. He'll be coming over more often so he can document the progress of our project, shooting material for upcoming issues. That's when he's not too busy with his custom paintjobs, pinstriping and travelling all over Europe promoting his magazine and gathering features for it.
Well, here's a lo-fi sneak peek, you really should just buy the magazine...

Thanks to ElCheapo: ElCheapo Kustom Works & Motorized! Magazine

Friday, December 4, 2009

Show your support with a Trash-Can t-shirt

Trasher Sascha is the smallest and lightest of us, which is why he'll be piloting the cramped Trash-Can down the salt flats. Well, maybe because he's fearless as well. Or just because he Can?! But anyway, he's also a very good tattoo artist down in Eindhoven Rock City's finest tattoo parlour. This brings along the benefit of his ability to design a logo to represent the Trash-Can project.

Sascha designed the "Trash-Can Vintage Fourbanger Flathead" logo primarily for the limited edition first series of t-shirts.
Also from Eindhoven Rock City, Paul of Blendomatic fame, collaborated with us on the production of the t-shirts. He's the number one supplier of cool Rock City related merchandise.

People who buy a Trash-Can shirt not only look the part, but support us because the proceeds go towards finishing the Trash-Can bellytank racer and improving the world speed record in the Vintage Fourbanger Flathead class. The shirts are stylishly olive drab green colored and feature a small logo on the front and a biggun on the back. They've been selling like crazy at the Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama and Speedfest events we attended last few weeks.

If you haven't been to one of these events, didn't buy one there (shame on you!) or if you want more, you can order 'm from behind your computer the same easy way as the stickers of the previous blog post. Just drop us an e-mail at and we'll set things in motion. No, still no Paypal, hey it's only been about an hour since the last post...

This is a short promo film featuring footage shot at the Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama.

Thank you for buying a Trash-Can Vintage Fourbanger Flathead t-shirt!

Thanks to Paul for making the t's!

Trash-Can stickers for sale

Last week our buddy Nico a.k.a. Guzzmen Deluxe produced some cool looking stickers based on the same "Trash-Can Vintage Fourbanger Flathead" logo as our t-shirts.
Trash-Can is the name we gave our bellytank project and V4F, short for Vintage 4 cilinder Flathead, is the class it'll be competing in.
There are black on white stickers as well as black on metallic silver versions. Guzzmen is a fast acting dude, he likes speed as much as we do apparently, so these stickers were ready to go on sale at Speedfest last Saturday.

So now you can show everyone you support Trashers Racing Team's Trash-Can bellytank racer; just stick 'em anywhere you like. They are popular and sell fast, so get 'em while we still have 'em. Order your set of assorted Trash-Can stickers for only €5 (ex. postage). And while you're at it, order a t-shirt too!
Contact us on our e-mail address you'll find in the column to the right. Just leave your name and address and how many sets you want and we'll get back to you with details concerning payment and postage. To make thing easier for you, we are working on a solution to put a Paypal account up and running. Of course, everyone interested in our project is more than welcome to stop by at our workshop and have a closer look, as long as you don't leave empty-handed ;-)

Once again, thanks to Guzzmen for making such cool stickers!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

nothing can go wrong from this point...

Guess what!? After an explosive gig at the Trashers stage at Speedfest 2009, Reverend Beat-Man was kind enough to take his Holy Bible and bless the Trash Can bellytank project. Now we're certain of a nice & smooth record attempt! In fact, we'll just be the fastest!

Reverend Beat-Man is the coolest and most amazing surreal folk trash blues preaching one-man-band on the face of this earth.

Speedfest 2009... Day After

What can we say...
Lack of Trashers space this year so only a few of our rides were squeezed inside.
We did bring the "Trash Can" bellytank-project and a pile of cool T's to raise funds;
thanks for all you rockers that bought a t-shirt to support us!
This year sure was a great 3rd Rockin' Time!!!

Pics by Limpe Iven

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rockin Jalopy's Motorama... another great weekend!

It's a fact... 1st edition of Rockin Jalopy's Motorama was a blast!
A short but cool trip... all together, without any probs.
Trash Can bellytank racer project (looking for sponsors ;-) display at the show!

Thanks everyone who supported us by buying a T...
hopefully many will follow!

Pics by Limpe Iven...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mocking Up

Guess what!?
We've decided to take the bellytank project out for this weekend!
Seems a logistic nightmare but would be so cool if we "Can"

well... the mocking up has already started!

Saturday 21TH NOV "Trash Can" Tees launch!

As insiders may know... it was a major birth & may took a while... but finaly here they are!!!

Saturday 21th & 22th of Nov... Rocking Jalopy's Motorama Autotron Rosmalen, Trashers will launch the sale of NL's first droptank racer t-shirts!
Come and get your vintage looking T at our stand!

Trash Can VFF Tees... Looking good for a good cause!

Getting ready for Rockin Jalopy's Motorama

Yes! counting off days to upcoming weekend!
Rockin Jalopy's Motorama indoor Hot Rod & Kustom show at Autotron Rosmalen.
Promissing to be a blast!

Friday, October 30, 2009


To get the gearing we want in a early Ford rear axle, we had to get a Quickchange centre section. For those unfamiliar with this: it replaces the centre section of a early Ford rear axle. It has a horizontal shaft, going from the front (power in) to the rear, through a set of gears, which are available in all kinds of ratios, and back in the differential.

We managed to get one on ebay for a reasonable price. Turns out that seller Jim lives 110 miles from Bonneville, and he is a regular visitor ! Besides that he owns a KILLER 34 coupe, one of the very, very best I've seen. Nice guy !

Rear end challenges are solved !

We finally found a suitable early ford banjo. Turns out our Dutch Australian mate Henry Norberhuis had several axles to choose from ! We picked up the latest he had, together with a set of juice brakes. Only downside was that all axles Henry had in stock missed their pinion shafts, so we have to purchase a new set of crown and pinion. And we are all very poor...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's another look at that rear end. We're contemplating a early Ford banjo, but considering the desired end ratio, we'd need a quickchange, and they're mucho dinero !

Rear end challenges

Almost immediately we ran into a problem. We chose our 9" Ford rear axle for parts availability. Only to find out that the yoke where normally the propshaft is attached to, is out of the axle's centreline.

Because of space limitations, the gearbox is attached directly to the rear end, not using a propshaft. This is not gonna work...

What have we been up to ?!?

Yep, it's been a while since our last topic, now that we're all up&runnin' after all our holidays, here's what we've been up to !

First of all we set up a chassis-table in our workshop. On this we are able to set up every major component up in any angle or position we'd like.

We cleaned our 9" Ford rear end, and put it up on the table.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Donated: a 9" diff !

And thanks to Mark Spooner from the UK (aka 296moon) we are also the greasy owners of a diff for that 9" Ford rear axle ! It's origins are not the sexiest, chekc out the little trucky-thingy under which it came out of !

Seems to be in good nick, and it has 2.78 gears, so suitable for our high speed aspirations !

Thanx Mark !

Rear end donated !

Thanks to Jerome Volkering we now have a 9" Ford rear axle case; ugly but a goodie !

Greasy stuff !

Last week we opened the bottom end of our engine, and we were happy to find that oil was everywhere, and so far so good: no cracks found !

Final disassembly will be done asap, so we can drop the bare block and crank in the diptank for a couple of days to start with a squeaky clean base. The engine will be gone thru completely, so block and crank are probably the only parts we'll use, and then heavily modified: billet steel main caps, perhaps a sturdy girdle, so we can rev her up to 4800-5000 rpm.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bellytank set up at speedfest 2008

ran in to this pic of the bellytank set up at last year's Speedfest 2008
Can you imagine...
It's already happening!

Cheers Skip'

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New motor ! well, 1932 new that is...

We picked the motor yesterday, heavy as hell ! But strong lads as we are, we pulled it out with our bare hands, dropped it on a skateboard, and wheeled it into our shop !

Here she is, in all her Greasy Glory !

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scary face, and he isn't driving yet !

Our designated driver Sascha holds the new steeringwheel, and is already scared sh1tless by just the thought of driving our tank on the Salt !

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Donor heart found !

A deal has been done, (thank you Arie !) and we're happy to announce that we found an engine at last ! It is a Ford model B engine, possibly a bit later then 1932, in good nick, and complete enough for us.
No pics yet, as we have to pick it up next week, but this plan is starting to come together now !

Imagine this: this engine has done it's duty calmly for probably many years, now resting for an unknown number of years, only to be woken up by a bunch of racers, prepping it to do 5000rpm's on The Holy Salt of Bonneville, heeeeeehaaaaa !!

Come back here next week for piccas !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We need directions !

And this new addition to our parts bin will give us directions just fine 'n' dandy ! brand spanking new, but still oldskool, is this butterfly steeringwheel, on it's way from the US as we speak. It even comes with an instrument panel, to mount that ancient Sun tach in !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the shop we put it on temporarily stands, just waiting for the chassis-table of Hanzel, on which we are able to set everything up and weld the chassis together.

Movin' the tank to the garage

Last week we decided to move the tank to Rod City Garage, and make this cool place our dedicated clubhouse and workshop. We all have our own lockups, but being alltogether in one shop has its benefits !

The tank at 4,25 mtr (that's some 14 ft for our non-metric followers) kinda fits in a Opel Omega Wagon...NOT !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"When going abroad, you need rubbers young man !"

Thanks to Edwin we managed to obtain some rubber, Good year frontrunners 28x4.5x15 to be precise.

So up front we are almost good to go, up next are rear tires in huge diameter please !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do we need ? Parts, parts, parts and then some !

Building a racecar from the ground up requires lots of skills, patience, money and parts. We've got the skills, we more or less have the patience, and money is slowly coming in (we could do with some more, winkwink, nudgenudge).

What we need on parts is a long list ! Well, at least we have the tank itself !

If you can help us out with these parts, please contact us thru this blog !

9"Ford third member, 1:2.80 gear ratio or somewhat in that region.
clutch housing for a M40 gearbox of a Volvo Amazon
cool airplane style steering wheel
race style battery
power shut off switch
inertia fuel stop
seatbelts suitable for racing, six point harnass
fire extinguishing system or parts for it
15" steel rims, 4-5 inches wide, 5x4.5" wheel stud pattern
18"steel rims, 4-5 inches wide, 5x4.5" wheel stud pattern
18" tires, 4-5 inches wide, tallest available.

We will add parts in the near future for sure !

Sponsors, donations, all for the Salty Cause !

Good friend Perry very kindly donated a complete and even chromed and drilled Model A frontend for our bellytank. Kool !!
visit his kool stuff at: !

We took off the discs and Wilwood calipers, we won't be using no frontbrakes !

Monday, May 11, 2009

SCTA Rule Book 2009: so that's how we should do this !

Met up with Tilly at SINS 2009, and boy did he had a super contribution to our Salty aspirations: the 2009 SCTA rule book ! Very hot of the presses, just out in the US, and it is already in our greasy hands !

This book tells us all about classifications, safety measures, general rules and technical queries about building one hot SaltShaker !

Tilly is Da Man ! Thanks !

Friday, February 20, 2009

We've got some questions about this blog, some people still don't seem to know what a bellytank and saltlake racing is all about...

Thats why we decided to ad some old time pics of bellytanks on salt ;-)

Here's also a link to get your warmed up & Informed... and to see what we're up to in the future!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Info about the tank:

Where does one find one of these bellytanks in the Netherlands?
Well, we actually found one in the free ads paper !

After dragging the 4,5 meters long 'drop' home it seemed in pretty good shape!
In the early days these 'bellytanks' were used for their perfect low drag and being leightweight you couldn't wish for anything better !

It was bolted underneath an F4 fighter plane in 1972 and dropped above sea somewhere when it was empty of gas

We cut it in half to see witch member would fit, Erwin didn't!

How it all started

We all have our own different ideas on how our perfect car would look like. Club-member Erwin for instance has had a weak spot for land-speed-racers since he first drove his home-build soap-box down a hill just 6 years old ! Now some 30+ years later Erwin wants to make his dream come true and convinced the rest of us to help alongon this crazy ride.