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We are the Trashers, a Dutch Car Club. We build, modify, kustomize and drive all kinds of old vintage US cars. So what's the deal ? Well...since the 1920's speed addicts try to push their vehicles to the limits on salt flats and dry lake beds like El Mirage and Bonneville, USA. And that's exactly where we want to go too!
But...instead of using a high-dollar, computer-controlled car we like to break a land speed record like they did in the fifties, using a vintage flathead engine for power and the best possible body to put this in; an all aluminum fighter airplane droptank... Yes you heard it right ! We're planning to go to the salt lakes with our bellytank racer!!!
And that's where you as a reader come in. We sure could do with some funds!
So, if you like speed, vintage cars and share the same enthousiasm in breaking a speed record as we do...
Join in and make a donation to our bank number on the right. Or buy yourself a "Trash-Can" t-shirt or some cool stickers. We'll keep you informed about the progress of 'your' project!
Thanks for making our dream come true!!
Trashers Car Club

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Donor heart found !

A deal has been done, (thank you Arie !) and we're happy to announce that we found an engine at last ! It is a Ford model B engine, possibly a bit later then 1932, in good nick, and complete enough for us.
No pics yet, as we have to pick it up next week, but this plan is starting to come together now !

Imagine this: this engine has done it's duty calmly for probably many years, now resting for an unknown number of years, only to be woken up by a bunch of racers, prepping it to do 5000rpm's on The Holy Salt of Bonneville, heeeeeehaaaaa !!

Come back here next week for piccas !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We need directions !

And this new addition to our parts bin will give us directions just fine 'n' dandy ! brand spanking new, but still oldskool, is this butterfly steeringwheel, on it's way from the US as we speak. It even comes with an instrument panel, to mount that ancient Sun tach in !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the shop we put it on temporarily stands, just waiting for the chassis-table of Hanzel, on which we are able to set everything up and weld the chassis together.

Movin' the tank to the garage

Last week we decided to move the tank to Rod City Garage, and make this cool place our dedicated clubhouse and workshop. We all have our own lockups, but being alltogether in one shop has its benefits !

The tank at 4,25 mtr (that's some 14 ft for our non-metric followers) kinda fits in a Opel Omega Wagon...NOT !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"When going abroad, you need rubbers young man !"

Thanks to Edwin we managed to obtain some rubber, Good year frontrunners 28x4.5x15 to be precise.

So up front we are almost good to go, up next are rear tires in huge diameter please !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do we need ? Parts, parts, parts and then some !

Building a racecar from the ground up requires lots of skills, patience, money and parts. We've got the skills, we more or less have the patience, and money is slowly coming in (we could do with some more, winkwink, nudgenudge).

What we need on parts is a long list ! Well, at least we have the tank itself !

If you can help us out with these parts, please contact us thru this blog !

9"Ford third member, 1:2.80 gear ratio or somewhat in that region.
clutch housing for a M40 gearbox of a Volvo Amazon
cool airplane style steering wheel
race style battery
power shut off switch
inertia fuel stop
seatbelts suitable for racing, six point harnass
fire extinguishing system or parts for it
15" steel rims, 4-5 inches wide, 5x4.5" wheel stud pattern
18"steel rims, 4-5 inches wide, 5x4.5" wheel stud pattern
18" tires, 4-5 inches wide, tallest available.

We will add parts in the near future for sure !

Sponsors, donations, all for the Salty Cause !

Good friend Perry very kindly donated a complete and even chromed and drilled Model A frontend for our bellytank. Kool !!
visit his kool stuff at: !

We took off the discs and Wilwood calipers, we won't be using no frontbrakes !