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We are the Trashers, a Dutch Car Club. We build, modify, kustomize and drive all kinds of old vintage US cars. So what's the deal ? Well...since the 1920's speed addicts try to push their vehicles to the limits on salt flats and dry lake beds like El Mirage and Bonneville, USA. And that's exactly where we want to go too!
But...instead of using a high-dollar, computer-controlled car we like to break a land speed record like they did in the fifties, using a vintage flathead engine for power and the best possible body to put this in; an all aluminum fighter airplane droptank... Yes you heard it right ! We're planning to go to the salt lakes with our bellytank racer!!!
And that's where you as a reader come in. We sure could do with some funds!
So, if you like speed, vintage cars and share the same enthousiasm in breaking a speed record as we do...
Join in and make a donation to our bank number on the right. Or buy yourself a "Trash-Can" t-shirt or some cool stickers. We'll keep you informed about the progress of 'your' project!
Thanks for making our dream come true!!
Trashers Car Club

Sunday, November 29, 2009

nothing can go wrong from this point...

Guess what!? After an explosive gig at the Trashers stage at Speedfest 2009, Reverend Beat-Man was kind enough to take his Holy Bible and bless the Trash Can bellytank project. Now we're certain of a nice & smooth record attempt! In fact, we'll just be the fastest!

Reverend Beat-Man is the coolest and most amazing surreal folk trash blues preaching one-man-band on the face of this earth.

Speedfest 2009... Day After

What can we say...
Lack of Trashers space this year so only a few of our rides were squeezed inside.
We did bring the "Trash Can" bellytank-project and a pile of cool T's to raise funds;
thanks for all you rockers that bought a t-shirt to support us!
This year sure was a great 3rd Rockin' Time!!!

Pics by Limpe Iven

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rockin Jalopy's Motorama... another great weekend!

It's a fact... 1st edition of Rockin Jalopy's Motorama was a blast!
A short but cool trip... all together, without any probs.
Trash Can bellytank racer project (looking for sponsors ;-) display at the show!

Thanks everyone who supported us by buying a T...
hopefully many will follow!

Pics by Limpe Iven...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mocking Up

Guess what!?
We've decided to take the bellytank project out for this weekend!
Seems a logistic nightmare but would be so cool if we "Can"

well... the mocking up has already started!

Saturday 21TH NOV "Trash Can" Tees launch!

As insiders may know... it was a major birth & may took a while... but finaly here they are!!!

Saturday 21th & 22th of Nov... Rocking Jalopy's Motorama Autotron Rosmalen, Trashers will launch the sale of NL's first droptank racer t-shirts!
Come and get your vintage looking T at our stand!

Trash Can VFF Tees... Looking good for a good cause!

Getting ready for Rockin Jalopy's Motorama

Yes! counting off days to upcoming weekend!
Rockin Jalopy's Motorama indoor Hot Rod & Kustom show at Autotron Rosmalen.
Promissing to be a blast!