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We are the Trashers, a Dutch Car Club. We build, modify, kustomize and drive all kinds of old vintage US cars. So what's the deal ? Well...since the 1920's speed addicts try to push their vehicles to the limits on salt flats and dry lake beds like El Mirage and Bonneville, USA. And that's exactly where we want to go too!
But...instead of using a high-dollar, computer-controlled car we like to break a land speed record like they did in the fifties, using a vintage flathead engine for power and the best possible body to put this in; an all aluminum fighter airplane droptank... Yes you heard it right ! We're planning to go to the salt lakes with our bellytank racer!!!
And that's where you as a reader come in. We sure could do with some funds!
So, if you like speed, vintage cars and share the same enthousiasm in breaking a speed record as we do...
Join in and make a donation to our bank number on the right. Or buy yourself a "Trash-Can" t-shirt or some cool stickers. We'll keep you informed about the progress of 'your' project!
Thanks for making our dream come true!!
Trashers Car Club

Friday, December 18, 2009

Trash-Can project in Motorized! Magazine

The latest publication of Motorized Magazine, number 2, features the first of probably a series of articles about our Trash-Can bellytank project.
MOTORIZED! is all about hotrods, customs, choppers, bobbers and hot aircooled VW's and the lifestyle surrounding all of this, with minimal words and as much fuel injected eyecandy for the greased up mind as possible.

ElCheapo, Motorized's founder, editor, photographer and overall chief executive officer, visited the workshop a couple of months ago and brought along his camera to shoot the pictures found in the current issue. He'll be coming over more often so he can document the progress of our project, shooting material for upcoming issues. That's when he's not too busy with his custom paintjobs, pinstriping and travelling all over Europe promoting his magazine and gathering features for it.
Well, here's a lo-fi sneak peek, you really should just buy the magazine...

Thanks to ElCheapo: ElCheapo Kustom Works & Motorized! Magazine

Friday, December 4, 2009

Show your support with a Trash-Can t-shirt

Trasher Sascha is the smallest and lightest of us, which is why he'll be piloting the cramped Trash-Can down the salt flats. Well, maybe because he's fearless as well. Or just because he Can?! But anyway, he's also a very good tattoo artist down in Eindhoven Rock City's finest tattoo parlour. This brings along the benefit of his ability to design a logo to represent the Trash-Can project.

Sascha designed the "Trash-Can Vintage Fourbanger Flathead" logo primarily for the limited edition first series of t-shirts.
Also from Eindhoven Rock City, Paul of Blendomatic fame, collaborated with us on the production of the t-shirts. He's the number one supplier of cool Rock City related merchandise.

People who buy a Trash-Can shirt not only look the part, but support us because the proceeds go towards finishing the Trash-Can bellytank racer and improving the world speed record in the Vintage Fourbanger Flathead class. The shirts are stylishly olive drab green colored and feature a small logo on the front and a biggun on the back. They've been selling like crazy at the Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama and Speedfest events we attended last few weeks.

If you haven't been to one of these events, didn't buy one there (shame on you!) or if you want more, you can order 'm from behind your computer the same easy way as the stickers of the previous blog post. Just drop us an e-mail at and we'll set things in motion. No, still no Paypal, hey it's only been about an hour since the last post...

This is a short promo film featuring footage shot at the Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama.

Thank you for buying a Trash-Can Vintage Fourbanger Flathead t-shirt!

Thanks to Paul for making the t's!

Trash-Can stickers for sale

Last week our buddy Nico a.k.a. Guzzmen Deluxe produced some cool looking stickers based on the same "Trash-Can Vintage Fourbanger Flathead" logo as our t-shirts.
Trash-Can is the name we gave our bellytank project and V4F, short for Vintage 4 cilinder Flathead, is the class it'll be competing in.
There are black on white stickers as well as black on metallic silver versions. Guzzmen is a fast acting dude, he likes speed as much as we do apparently, so these stickers were ready to go on sale at Speedfest last Saturday.

So now you can show everyone you support Trashers Racing Team's Trash-Can bellytank racer; just stick 'em anywhere you like. They are popular and sell fast, so get 'em while we still have 'em. Order your set of assorted Trash-Can stickers for only €5 (ex. postage). And while you're at it, order a t-shirt too!
Contact us on our e-mail address you'll find in the column to the right. Just leave your name and address and how many sets you want and we'll get back to you with details concerning payment and postage. To make thing easier for you, we are working on a solution to put a Paypal account up and running. Of course, everyone interested in our project is more than welcome to stop by at our workshop and have a closer look, as long as you don't leave empty-handed ;-)

Once again, thanks to Guzzmen for making such cool stickers!